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Mouse & Keyboard Control / Mouse Chase
  Activate mouse and keyboard control on the customer’s PC while viewing the real-time location of the remote cursor.
Copy & Paste Hotkeys
  Use Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V hotkeys to transfer clipboard contents between the local and remote PC.
Text & Voice Chat
  Chat with the remote users in real time using the Instant Messaging and VOIP features.
Remote Process Control
  Scan and list all the running processes on the remote PC to further assist and diagnose any problems..
Remote System Diagnostics
  Get a snapshot of the remote PC’s hardware and software to quickly analyze and solve problems.
Drag & Drop File Transfers
  Transfer files to and from the remote PC with one drag & drop.
Screen Capture
  Capture the remote user’s desktop with just one click.
Two-way Clipboard Sharing
  Transfer the contents of the clipboard to and from the remote user’s PC for easy cut and paste actions.
Remote Printing
  Print documents from the remote PC to your local printer without any need to transfer files.
Secondary Controls
  Assist the remote user without taking full control of their PC by using the secondary control features such as Interactive Draw, Co-Browser and Laser Pointer.
Interactive Draw
Draw on the desktop with the remote user in real time to collaborate more effectively.
Synchronize the browsers on each PC to easily guide the remote user through websites.
Laser Pointer
Highlight sections of the screen that need the user’s attention using the arrow or laser pointer.
Quick Shortcuts
  Increase productivity with shortcut features such as Remote Favorites, Control Panel and Files & Folders.
Remote Favorites
Keep a list of frequently used websites that can be launched on the remote desktop with a single click..
Control Panel
Make changes easily to the remote PC with instant access to control panel functions.
Files & Folders
Browse through system files and folders on the remote PC quickly and easily using the integrated explorer feature.
AES & SSL Data Encryption
  Secure data transmission using 256-bit AES and 128-bit SSL encryption.
Session Recording & Playback
  Record each session to disk for review and auditing purposes.
Administration Center
  Manage representatives’ online profiles including statistics, permission levels and IP/MAC restrictions. As well, control and monitor all active connections, view and create session reports.
Application Sharing
  Allow remote users to share or block necessary programs from the representative.
Auto Updates
  RemoteCall auto updates itself each time you start the application.
PIN Code Connections
  Secure your connections by using a 4-digit PIN Code.
  Log a detailed report of each session by entering the customer’s name, email address, phone number and more.
VRVD (Virtual Remote Video Driver)
  RemoteCall’s VRVD guarantees the world’s fastest remote access displaying everything from 3D graphics to streaming video.
Performance Optimization
  Configure display and connection settings to boost performance in low bandwidth networks.
True Color Support
  See what the remote user is seeing from mono to true color.
Display Zoom
  Easily adjust the remote user’s screen resolution or adjust the zoom of the RemoteCall session window.
Dual Monitor Support
  Fully supports dual monitor setups allowing the representative to flip between screens.
Multiple Support Sessions
  Open multiple remote sessions from within one window.
Two-Way Desktop Sharing
  View your customer’s desktop or let the customer view yours in real-time.
Reboot & Reconnect
  Reconnect automatically after a system reboot, without any input required from the remote user.