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The RemoteCall process is simple to understand and easy to use
  RemoteCall is able to support any PC that is connected to the Internet, even in low bandwidth situations. There is no need to make any changes to your existing network configuration as RemoteCall can traverse most network firewalls and proxy servers. This allows a quick and easy connection between the representative and remote user anytime, anywhere.
User Interface  
  The RemoteCall Viewer incorporates an easy to use and instinctive interface. Designed with usability in mind; all support tools and functions are easy to find and available with a single click.

1. Connect
  The remote user contacts your help desk or technical support center. The representative launches the RemoteCall Viewer and directs the user to access the designated support URL. The remote user simply clicks the representative’s numbered icon or enters the session code to establish a connection.
2. Diagnose and Resolve
  The representative helps to resolve the remote user’s problems in real time by using RemoteCall’s advanced support tools such as Remote Diagnostics and Process Control or by taking full control of the keyboard and mouse.
3. Disconnect
  Once the problem has been resolved, the session can be disconnected. The remote user is displayed a summary of the support session detailing the session length, representative number, and contact information. Once the session has been disconnected, the representative cannot reconnect with the remote user’s PC.