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Security is one of our key concerns, because we understand how important it is to you.
RemoteCall guarantees a secure remote connection every time.
Secured Connection
RSUPPORT guarantees each connection with full 256-bit AES and 128-bit SSL data encryption securing your remote session.
Data Encryption and Storage
All session logs, statistics and user histories are encrypted and stored on our servers. At any time you have instant access to this information online.
UAC (User Authorized Control)
Support sessions require remote users, to give authorization before any control or interaction is requested from the representative. Various security settings can be enabled that request permission for different functions.
Tiered Control System
Gaining the trust of your customers is the foremost priority in remote support. RemoteCall is designed to offer a tiered control system starting with passive secondary controls and progressing to primary mouse and keyboard control. This allows the representative to guide the customer through their problems by using various support tools, such as Interactive Draw, Co-operative Browsing, and Point without the need to take primary control of their mouse and keyboard.

The customer will maintain full control of their keyboard and mouse during the entire session (even while sharing with the representative), and can terminate the session whenever they wish. Each RemoteCall session is a one-time connection, so the representative cannot reconnect with the customer’s machine once the session has been terminated.
Zero Footprint
Once the session ends, the customer has the option of removing all the RemoteCall components from their system. There is no harm in leaving the components on the system for a future support session, but these can always be downloaded again if necessary.
Security Features
256-bit AES / SSL encryption
Secure Online Data Servers
Administration Center (session logs, statistics, and permission settings)
User Authorized Control (UAC)
Tiered Control System
Application Sharing / Blocking
Disconnect option for customer
Session Recording / Playback
User Notification of support session
PIN Code access to prevent unauthorized connections
IP/MAC Access Restrictions
Zero Footprint