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RemoteCall FAQ
  1. Do I need to pre-install software on the remote user's PC
  - No, there is no need for pre-installed software. The remote user simply visits the designated support URL where the RemoteCall controls are downloaded by their browser. The remote session runs only once and cannot be re-established unless authorized by the remote user.
  2. Are there any files left behind on the customer’s PC?
  - When the remote session is disconnected, the remote user is prompted with the option to remove the remote control files from their PC. Keeping the remote control files on the PC does not pose any threat as all connections must be authorized by the remote user before a remote session is established. Keeping the remote control files allows for a quicker connection to a support representative in the future.
  3. Can RemoteCall Connect to an unattended computer?
  - No, RemoteCall is specifically designed as a remote support tool requiring two users to complete the connection. The customer must authorize the connection before the representative can connect.
  4. Can a support Agent reconnect at any time?
  - No, RemoteCall is designed for one-time connections only. Once the session has been disconnected, the representative cannot reconnect unless the customer initiates another session.
  5. How long does each connection last?
  - Each RemoteCall session can last as long as you need. There are no time limits built into the service.
- "Supporting..." is displayed in the bottom right corner of the screen during the remote session.
  6. Can RemoteCall connect over a VPN (Virtual Private Network)?
  - Yes, RemoteCall can connect in virtually any network environment including VPNs, Proxy Servers, Firewalls etc.
  7. Can I connect to a remote PC behind a firewall or proxy?
  - Yes, RemoteCall works transparently through any firewall or proxy without the need to change your existing network settings.
  8. Can I transfer files to and from the remote PC?
  - Yes, RemoteCall supports both standard and drag & drop file transfers to and from the remote PC.
  9. How does the remote user know when they are connected?
  a. A dialogue box appears on the screen notifying the remote user that a connection has been
  b. "Supporting..." is displayed in the bottom right corner of the screen during the remote session.
  10. Can I run more than one remote session simultaneously?
  - RemoteCall ASP allows up to two support sessions to run simultaneously by default. However, more simultaneous sessions may be added if necessary. To launch a second session click the “New Session” button from the RemoteCall Viewer toolbar and a new session tab will appear.
  11. Can the Remote sessions be recorded?
  - Yes, each session can be recorded at any time and saved to the local PC; the recordings can then be viewed using RemoteCall Player.
  12. Can the remote user still connect if they don't install the ActiveX controls?
  - Yes, the customer has the option of running a manual .exe file from the connection page if they cannot or do not wish to install the ActiveX control.
  13. Can I show my desktop to the customer?
  - Yes, RemoteCall has a presentation tool which allows you to display your desktop to the remote user.
  14. Can the remote user control the representative's desktop in presentation mode?
  - No, the remote user has no control capability. The presentation mode is used solely for displaying the representative's desktop to the customer.
  15. Can the customer block any programs they don't want the representative to see?
  - Yes, if you enable “Application Sharing” the user has the choice of what programs to allow access to when the support session begins. By default all applications and windows would be blocked from view until the customer chooses to share them.
  16. When connecting with a limited user account can I login as an Admin?
  - RemoteCall does not allow you to logout and login as another user during the session, however it does offer system shortcuts which allow you to change and update system and configuration settings from within the Viewer. As well you may use the “Run As” command to elevate your privileges while in session with a limited user.
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